Rainbow Ruses 1-3

Jackie Batey (work in progress, series of 10)
These three square prints are part of a series of 10. They represent common Rainbow Ruses sometimes know as  'Barnum Statements' - spurious phrases that contradict themselves in order to gain the confidence of a gullible person. Ideally they are the introduction phrases of the confidence trickster or phoney clairvoyant. In these images two opposing statements are illustrated with the various characters trying to fool each other. These three prints represent lies told in order to win trust and then deceive. Ultimately a set of 10 false prophets. The characters are based on masks to underline the concealing a personality. The masks were drawn from reference in the British Museum and some were constructs of my own.

The images are two-colour lino prints 30cm x 30cm printed on light imitation Japanese paper, each embossed with the Pale Ire Press stamp. Numbered and signed by the artist.

Rainbow Ruse No.1 
You make carefully considered choices BUT occasionally you surrender to the imp of the impulsive.

Rainbow Ruse No.2 
You have oodles of acquaintances BUT only a handful of bosom buddies.
Rainbow Ruse No.3
You are sociable, the life & soul of the soiree BUY sometimes you are shy & standoffish.